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When God Wants To Show His Love And Compassion, He Looks For People Like You Who Has His Heart. People Who Are Willing To Use Their Resources For A Greater Needed Cause. What A Fulfilling Opportunity To Be A Part Of Helping People To Live By Giving Them Hope For Their Future. It’s Amazing How A Village, A Nation Is Changed Through Your Giving.

Every Monetary Gift Is Accepted! None To Small Or To Big. $50-$500 Can Buy A Little Girl Out Of Slavery Or Support Our Orphanage , $5,000-$15,000 Can Supply Water For An Entire Village Through A Well.

Your Gift/Donation Is Tax Deductible Through Our 501-C3. However, Your Reward From Your Father Will Be So Much Greater.

Please Make Checks Payable To JSM. If There Is An Area Of Preference For Allocation Of Your Gift, Please Specify.

I Personally Want To Bless You And Thank You In Advance, For All Of Your Support, Prayers And Finances. judy Shaw ministries is financed by your generous contributions. your support enables us to Continue This needed work. Whether Through Your Foundation, Private Or Personal Giving, It All Goes To Changing Lives. Because Of Your Commitment Many Will Know The Love Of Their Heavenly Father.

Again, A Heartfelt “Thank You” For Your Generosity As You Partner With Us ……And One Of These Days, See It And Know It First Handed… “Come Along With Us On A Trip”

Pastor Judy Shaw,
Founder Of JSM


If You Could Only See These Children. If You Could Only Touch Or Hold One Of Them. I Wish You Could Look Into Their Little Innocent Eyes. If You Could, You Need No One To Convince You Or Prompt You To Partner With Us For Their Future.

Our Ministry has a program which helps neglected widows who suffer with shame and rejection as they live in poverty.

Water For The Children, Water For The Adults, Water For The Livestock, And Water For Vegetation. I've Witness Dead Cows On The Road From Starvation, The Ground Only Producing Dust, And Children Walking 50 Miles Only To Get As Much Water As They Can Carry Coming From The Same Ditch The Animals Drink.

Without These Wells....It's Only One Truth, They Won't Make It!

We are Buying The Babies Back and Picking Them Off The Streets After Being abandoned.  This Culture Shock And Injustice Will Surely Compel You To Be Apart Of This Liberation.