Judy's Testimony


Her Life Is One That Has Been Set Apart By Heaven To Touch Us Here On Earth. There Are Few Fearless People In This World, Who Walk By Faith Moment To Moment… Who Give Others Courage, Strength And Hope.

Judy’s Testimony Of Gods Miraculous Power To Give Breathe Back To Her Body After A Terrible Car Accident Happened While Driving Home From A Powerful Prayer Meeting On An Indian Reservation In South Dakota. A Head On Collision With A 3000 Pound Bull Pronounced Her Dead At The Scene. Judy’s Testimony Tells The Story Of An Out Of Body Experience And Real Miracles That Followed. Listen As She Unfolds This Amazing True Life Story. You Will Be Impacted By The Power In Her Words. Faith Will Come And Inspiration Will Live. Judy Shaw Is Brave And Courageous; She Is A Vessel Of Treasure Willing To Be Spilled Out By God.

Interview by Bishop Tommy Reid at Full Gospel Tabernacle, Orchard Park NY.

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